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Eyeball to Eyeball....

Magic that puts a new slant on 'seeing is believing'

transport your friends with the same business flights of 'magical' fancy that Virgin lays on for its guests!

Magic is a unique form of entertainment. It causes gasps, raises eyebrows and well and truly crushes the ice. But it can also be used to effectively launch a product, communicate a brand, drive a message or simply support a unique event, so strongly, that long afterwards people will still be talking about both the magic, the event and more importantly, YOU!

Magic, So On Song, It Wowed Whitney Houston

Eclipse Belief | Jon Robinson | image

Have you ever seen a line move
And known a coin fly fast
Did you see the key turn
Or spot the knot untie

Could you guess the 'E'ffect coming
Or did it take you by surprise
Take care of what this guy's doing

You won't believe your eyes

party magic that pops corks,
raises spirits and truly crushes ice!